Oh OH OH I was so Happy that Dad was up early this morning BECAUSE all of a sudden BKOOM BOOM oh my doodles DOODLES ! !

my house shook and I was SCARED but dad said “DON”T worry Willy Babe its only THUNDER oh my !!! then it rained and poured I had to go outside and i did very very doodley fast !

So yesterday Mom went somewhere I think she could of taken me but . . . Mom was not really sure so anyway MOM pulls into the driveway YEAH she is HOME but . .. hmmmmmmm Who is that with her??? I only see that HUMAN when we travel to chicago HHHHHMMMMMMM oh my Doodles it was my HUMAN PAPA oh YEAH but. .. did mom drive to Chicago without me???/ NAH NAH she said she met Aunt Judy ok ok but I just didn’t know who to go too first MOM or PAPA oh yea forgot to mention, when I saw Papa get out of the car I woofed Woof Wooofed ooops I am a badddd doodle.

But anyway as soon as mom got of the car I wagged WAGGED MY TAIL I just didn’t know who to go too first MOM or my Human Grandpa so I just did both circled MOM then PaPA HEEEE HEEE i JUST love SHARING MY DOODLENESS WITH EVERYONE !!

ooooO AND mom Finally TOOK ME FOR A SHORT WALK WELL ITS BEEN SO HUMID OUT THAT MY TONGUE WOULD OF BEEN HANGING OUT ! So yesterday night Iwas like MOM it’s tme lets go ! ! !Come on I can make, well, we went a short distance and I saw my neighbor can you inmagine mOm was just going to walk on by wALK ON BY MOM MONM lookie doodle who I see yep okay Willy BABE So we stopped to see Mrs. C and her daughter then again I just wanted to be petted and petted.

This is what happens when you don’t take your doodle for a walk in awhie ! ! ha ha ha MOM My tongue oooo it only hung out a bit, but maybe after yoga this morning mom says we might do a short walk YES ! !

Oooops gotta get going waggin my Tail all day long !!

Also before I doodley forget I got some frosty paws this weeekend ! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

This is my human grandpa when i was a Young DOODLE

This is my human grandpa when i was a Young DOODLE


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