Well oh Well OH MY doodles it has happened yesterday MOM ignored me YEP YEP YEP she didn’t do that on purpose it just happened see she went strawberry picking and I could not go with her yes I KNOW I would be good really I told mom I would “But, Wilson, She said they don’t allow dogs, ” HUMMMPH MOM MOM MOM

remember I am a doodle not a DOG oh well anyway I think she was also afraid that I would of eaten too many strawberries then I would have a tummy ache and then who know what else, but BUT when mom came home she went right to work and started to make JAM YES DId she take me for a walk??? NOOOOooo did she give me a treat when she came HOME NO NO NO !

All she was doing was being in the kitchen stirring the jam smashing the berries oh my she was busy I watched and WATCHED and WATCHED, Then FINALLY she was DONE I was like waggin my tail Yipppe MOM and me TIME but NO NO NO , she cleaned uo and went to a farmers market to meet up with some friends. SO see I was alone , No hugged me I was alone I felt unloved heee heeee I know thats not true ! ! but. . . . . MOM OH MOM OH MOM

Today is better right after YOGA we went for a walk We had lunched sat out on the deck Mom rubbed my belly and ahhhh I also got some frosty paw ice cream !

She said I deserved it well, MOM “YOU are on the Right Track and getting my good doodleness again ! Ahhhh She also said we have to do some errands today and I KNOW she will take me with because one of them is to my favorite STORE ! ! ! Yippppeeeee Doodley DOO

So I think this afternoon I will just do my dance and shake my butt and place my two furry paws in a circle and dance dance dance MOM and I friends again!
OOH I was sort of a stinker doodle the other nighty as Mom and I were coming down the street from our evening walk MOM saw Mr. O and Mrs. O and Maisy May walking so mom let go of my leash Yelled to Mr O “Here he COMES!” So I ran as fast as I could I said hi HI HI then ran to Belle house well it was only one house away, I went right to the deck door said COME ON BELL Come and PLAY with me ! So then I went right into the garden area that was fenced off, MOM said WILLY Babe Willy BABE I thought you were out of energy.

Heee HHEEEE Not when it comes to seeing my Buddies MOM !

Have a great Thursday !
Love ya Willy BABE

I love looking for my friends

I love looking for my friends


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