Well, this is different working on the computer in the afternoon oh Doodles MOM says that is fine so as long as MOM says it is okay I am taking advantage of typing away with my big furry paws.

happy Happy Tuesday Afternoon we have some errands to do this afternoon, but I wanted to let you know that man oh Doodles MAN I had a splendid fourth of JULY ! ! !

Mom and DAD took me to CHICAGO yes yes yes and I got put my furry face right between MOM and Dad and MOM took pictures it was a great family day traveling along no songs but we were traveling oh sure mom tried to SING with the RADIO but, seriously my doodle mom is not the best you know what I mean??

I just put my head down and went gheeezzzz Really MOM? oh doodles, but our very first stop was at my Human Aunts house JUdy oh man that was fun I had to stay outside because well, they put in new stuff and Mom didnt want me to get into trouble heee heee oh doodles what trouble could I get INTO Seriously really !!

Okay maybe just a little trouble but I would never tell if I got into something ha ha HA After we visited for a bit we went to my Uncle Eddies house and they were having a party so I just put my head by the table and ate some Deviled Eggs Hmmmmm Doodlelicious ! Sure wish mom could make some of them too ! but I don’t think she will.

But the best part of all the entire trip was at night it was 4th of JULY Dad and MOM took me for a walk around her “Neighborhood” In Melrose Park, oh my OH MY I got hugs from kids people were asking MOM questions I just smiled then I had to help a puppy that ran out onto the street to meet me ! !
Ahhhh all of these people were saying he is not “Afraid” Hmmmmm Why would I be afraid of loud Noises I have my MOM and DAD protecting me !
See I protect them when it is quite out and they said Wilson We will be right by your side

And they were we also got to my Human Grandpas house and sat on the porch watching all the fire works in the sky it was AWESOME ! I even relaxed all night long to and in the morning when mom and me walked oh Doodles there was quite the mess on the streets.
So I was the Super Doodle Star in my Mom’s neigborhood on the 4th of JULY Yippppppeeeee !!!

Yesterday it was too humid and Ucky to go outside for a walk so Mom and I just chilled all day together well we had a busy weekend and I needed to relax now tomorrow we get to make STRAWBERRY Jam oh Doodles I love that smell in the kitchen Yea YA

So have a great afternoon it is almost time for MY mom and Me to just chill on the deck !!

Love ya Willy BABE

Let play

Let play


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