Good Friday

Helloooo Helloooo Helloooooooooooooo

Hey its Friday Friday FRIDAY and I feel Like I just want to CELEBRATE CELEBRATE Listen to the fireworks CELEBRATE All Day long

Waggin my tail Waggin MY tail all day LONG. Oooops better not do that I might sprain my tail HA HA HA !
I am just so doodley happy this morning yep I was just outside and all kinds of birdies were in my trees and I just watched them and watched them can you believe that they flew away just as I was about to stick my head inside the tree?? Well I did stick my head inside the tree anyway just to see what was inside ha ha ah NOTHING

OOO and mom told me that JULIA is back so I hope this afternoon I can poke my cute head into her backyard OH THAT would be DOODLEY DOODLEY OH THAT would be so much doodley fun

Mom also told me that tomorrow we have a special day planned but I can’t say because MOM is keeping it a secret yep SHE DIDNT EVEN TELL ME !

But, Last night my Treat Human Buddies were outside and I got some treats OH What a Night Such a Terrific Doodle Night !

The best part of yesterday too I got to get a frosty paw I was so good, at the vet I walked in and sat down right on the scale because I know if I do that just perfectly I get a treat, I was a little doodle stinker when it came time to draw some blood from my leg I moved so the Vet Tech had to take me out of the room away from MOM, Yep she did then I was fine, I just like to show off

Even when Dr. Jen came in to examine me I nuzzled my Doodle head right by her so I could get some scratches, PLUS I know she has treats in her POCKET OH DOODLES DOODLES DOODLES What a day, Can’t wait for today !

Happy Happy FRIDAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Happy Fourth of JULY

Happy Fourth of JULY


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