Oh MY OH MY it is THursday and MOM thinks that my little girlfriend Julia should be coming back soon OOOO How I miss her, I like poking my head in between the fence just to say HI HI HI I wag my tail and go on my merry Little Doodle way !

Julia Julia oh I know I am your Romeo someday soon we will peeking our noses through the fence again Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hey MOM and I are just loving this summer thing going on nice and cool in the morning and the evening for our walks then we relax on the deck at night time, and I guard my backyard yep I do Mom likes to relax on the deck after our walk so SOMEONE has to be on GUARD< don't want any bunny come hopping in .

ha ha ha

But last night was different yes it was MOM was relaxing then BANG Bang CRACK oh doodles DOODLES MOM???? MOM???? "No worries, Willy BABE"
I like it when she calls me Willy BABE because when she says WILSON I know I did something don't know what it is but oh Doodles.

She then told me that the 4th of JULY Holiday is soon and there will be a lot of noises ok ok I said but REally Doodles it was scary !
OOOOO MOM is so funny well I think doodley personaly I am see we were walking and I just smile at mom I wanted to go one way and she the other Hmmmmmm so I went one way well she had to go with me because I had to do MY Stuff ! ! ! !

Then she smiled She knew I wanted to see Abby but, MOM said they left for there walk already ok ok

But guess what I also saw my little girl Maisy walking last night I guess we went a little earlier otherwise we would of seen her ! !
Today I have to go to the VET Eeeeeks ! ! I just hope my weight is okay so that I can get a frosty PAW

Keep your paws crossed that I get Ice Cream today !

Well gotta get moving along singing a doodle song all day LONG
Love ya Willy BABE

Happy DAY !I See YOU


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