Good Morning

Oh My Doodles it feels like it is fall outside but no doodle worries MOM and I still will do our morning walk, Yeah we have been going in the morning just a short 2 mile walk then in the evening what ever our little feet will take us. HA HA HA

So yesterday was my adventure day OH YES IT was well, Mom and I walked we went a little further then 2 miles but thats okay then she had to do a errand AND didn’t take me really ! ! I sat by the door ever so perfectly I might add and smiled and looked Picture Doodle Perfect, then those words THOSE WORDS THAT WE JUST DON”T LIKE TO HEAR !
“Sorry Willy BABE” I can’t take you with HUMMMMPH ! HUMMMPH ! just not fair so like a good doodle bug that I am I went over to the window looked as MOM left and said “BYE MOM”

But she came back and we played a little bit but no errands with me today so I just decided for myself to do something !

So I said MOM I have to go outside she let me out so I carefully went by the gate to Mocha’s fence and aWaaaaaa LA I opened it (well it was rather easy Mr. G didn’t latch it the other night and MOM did not really place that flower pot very well by the fence HA HA ! ) She places that pot there so I don’t visit

So MOM went outside and I saw her I just wanted to play hide and seek, I hid MOM Seeked. she called my name NOPE NOT COMING she looked very puzzled because our gate doors were closed hmmmmmmm “come on MOM” I know you know where I am just try harder” “Ooops here she comes gotta HIDE ” So I quickly find a spot in MOHAS yard HA HA ! she can’t find me ! “Wilson” WILSON WILSON “AH OH I think mom is worried”

Have no FEAR MOM Doodle Wilson is here I am just looking through the gate now I see YOU do you See ME ?? Then she looked again and saw me peeking through WHOOSH she was so happy I was there, MOM” I was just in someone elses yard she said “Wilson, Next time you have to ask if you want to play next door!”
Ahhh Doodles Okay MOM I will !

So that was my adventure yesterday ! OOOo and Last night as walked and nearing the end of our walk a little pup stopped walking and laid on the ground belly up that really confused her owners, but MOM said Girl Pups do that to my big guy OH gheeez MOM you made me blush ! !
The little pups name was Zoe hmmmmmm interesting .

So that was my Day yesterday OH OH OHH I think I forgot to tell you the bird that we had in our house died last Thursday so I have been a little in the doodle dumps I miss that little Daisy Bird .

Well must get going we are headed out for our walk !

Have a GREAT Wednesday

and Happy JULY !!

Love Willy Babe

I will stay in my yard   I will stay in my yard  lol lol

I will stay in my yard I will stay in my yard lol lol


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