Oh My OH MY I really had a great old time where I was, I was just a little confused as to where my MOM was yep she left before I did I looked out the window and saw her drive off whinnnn Whimmmper Whimmmm Where oh where did she go????

Dad tried to tell me that she would be back so on that day I waited and Waited for MOM ! No MOM I followed Dad all over the house oh sure he gave me scratches and hugs and we had fun together he even gave me a walk, but MOM????

Then I really knew she wasn’t coming right away because my neighbor came over to give me a walk OH YEA OH YEAH! ! ! !

So anyway Then DAd played with me again but on Saturday OH DOODLES Dad says LET”S GO and way I went to my Doodle VACAY ! ! !! OH boy oh BOY did I have lots of fun Dad picked me up and I jumped up on him loooked and looked for my MOM hmmmmmmmm

Even on Sunday night Dad put me on speaker so I could hear my MOM”S voice MOM ! ! ! MOM ! ! ! OH yes She is coming home and then all of a sudden I see my MOM’s face in deck door YIPPPEEE DOODLEY DEE !!

Now my summer vacation can start all over again Ohhhhhh YES !! ! !!

I didn’t let mom out of my sight yesterday I followed her Got my Blue squeeky ball we played outside rolled over for my belly rubs oh doodles it was fun to have my MOM back again ! ! !

So today we’ll take our walk and do you know what???/ she went to the store yesterday and got me some FROSTY PAWS oh Doodles summer is good !

Not sure what we are doing today but I know mom it will be fun FUN FUN because MOM is home for the SUMMERN

Love ya Willy BABE

Gotta get going I see mom getting on her walking shoes


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