OH MY OH MY The time is here This is MOM”S last full day of SCHOOL Yipppeeee doodley Deee

more time for Mom and ME ! ! Yipppeee Dooodly DOOOO what will we doo???? OH MY I have my list ready as soon as MOM walks into the house ON WEDNESDAY and says WILSON LET THE SUMMER BEGIN ! !

But, she also told me that I will have a pet walker for a few days oh doodles I sure hope it is my neighor she is great for walks she brings me treats OH DOODLES I can’t wait for summer to begin ! ! ! !

Last night on our walk we ran into MR. K he had Buddy out and some other guy had his Bermies Mountain dog with A PUPPY Mom thought it was so cute oh Okay I will admit it was cut oh doodles the paw on that dog was HUGE oh doodles I could not believe it ! ! !

Mom and I had a great walk oh my she says Doodles Doodles lets go walking our Doodles and the weather was just perfect for me too just right !!

OOO I know this is short Mom was getting some stuff done this morning I will be so happy when I just don’t have to rush on this morning computer ahhhh

Have a great TUESDAY I sure do know Mom will TAke it easy MOM I can just tell she is getting a little HYPER Yea Mom can you believe it she is being silly I think she is excited for the school year to be DONE !

Have an awsome Tuesday oh my oh my doodles I almost said WEDNESDAY

ha ha ha

Love ya Will Babe

Please hurry Please hurry for MOM to be done

Please hurry Please hurry for MOM to be done


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