Thanks all for my Birthday wishes NO I didn’t get my soccer net MOM said we just don’t have a place to store it but BUT< I can go to the PARK ANYTIME to play in the net Whoooosh that is FANTASTIC because when that brown truck didn't come on Saturday I was worried.

OOOOoooOOOO My human sister came Friday night Maisy didn't come I was looking for her so that meant I had my human all too MYSELF Ahhhhhh, I got head scratches and I got hugs and got to play, and I almost ALMOST thought I was going with MOM and Karen, started to head out the door and I was ready expect I really didn't see my bag but, hmmmmmm Maybe Mom put it into the car while Karen was scratching my Head.

NOPE NOPE NOPE I couldnt go to Chicago I wish I could but NO SUCH luck DOODLES DOOODLES DOODLES DARN.

So, Dad and I hung out together when he came home from soccer, but on Sunday my HUMANS came home it was cool to see them ! !

Karen payed with me until she had to go then MOM had to call she forgot something so MOM and I went to meet her Yea I got Petted again, what a wonderful doodley Sunday, Plus MOM took me shopping to my favorite store and I got some food and some toys and a bone oh yea the LIfe of this Doodle is good !!!

Hey and on Sunday Mom stopped to say HI too someone and she gave me water and told MOM anytime we are walking and my Tongue meter is out (thats how mom knows if I am too hot ) we can stop and get water YEA YEA YEA

Well, this is it for mom and she is wearing shorts today Must be FIELD day I sure wish I could go !

So have a doodles kind of a day

Being 7 isn't so bad after all !! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE A doodlelicious weekend


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