I am Waggin my Tail Waggin MY TAIL for it is FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY It is FRIDAY and the last Friday for my MOM to be at school. !

Hurray Hurray lets wag our tails Hurray Hurray it is a Tail waggin Day ! ! ! ! !

Sure it is a little cloudy out but the sunshine is that MY MOM HAS no MORE FRIDAYS at School ! ! ! ! !

I think she is a little bit happy about that too, she just has this extra kinda smile on her face can you believe it???

OH MY OH MY I can hardly believe it Not only IS SATURDAY my DOODLE BIRTHDAY< ! ! ! ! 7 years Young I will be I will be 7 years young I will be lets all shout out and say YEA ! ! ! And My human sister Karen is coming tonight yea I know MOM says that Maisy Isn't coming, that is okay because I can get all kinds of head scratches and hugs ahhhhhhh ! ! ! And Mom says maybe just maybe we can do our Zesty walk oh dodoles Doodles DOODOLES it is a wonderful kind of day !

Plus It is going to be a busy summer too ! ! ! Lots of Travel and MOM says I get to go too ! ! ! !

OH yea OH YEA I better make sure My fluffy tail is always fluffed up because you never know who I will meet on our travels !

OH Friday FRIDAY oh how I love this day it takes so long to get to FRIDAY but OH doodle I love my Fluffy Fluffy Friday !

So what will you be doing this friday oh sure Oh SURE that OOOOOo guess what on our walk last night a bunny just sat in someones driveway without even moving as we walked by Walk on by Walk on By just come on and WALK on by !

OOOOO I am just going on and on and ON So I better rest my dizzy doodle head

Have a wonderful FRIDAY

Love ya Willy BABE Where will my summer travels take me???


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