Good Morning

Well, Well Well, I am so doodley patiently waiting and waiting my tail is wagging ever so slooooooowly,
but Hummmmph ! NOTHING NOTHING

I will tell you see My birthday is JUNE 7th Folks Yes it is so anyway that big brown truck came to the house the other day and NOTHING for me at all, well at least that is what MOM says BUT I bet she has a surprise for me well wouldn’t you if I was your big fluffy BOY????

So that is why I am sort of Mopeing around this morning it is in anticipation of my Birthday I have looked and looked all over the place to see if I see any presents at all, but MOM is sneaky that MOM of mine, I am sure she has something for me Hmmmmmmm I haven’t looked at one place and I think I will do that today, oh NO I can’t tell you because I dont know if you will go and TELL MOM THAT I TOLD YOU !!!!!

OH doodles I am so glad I got that of of my doodle chest !

So you know how those little yorkies always yelp at me and get me scared>>. Well yes they do So yesterday when we walked we saw one and this one didn’t bark at me or lunge or nothing ! ! ! ! oh yes But i still will be careful around those little ones !

So Mom and I took one of my most favorite walks and she forgot to BRING MONEY????/ hmmmmm I think it was a Doodle conspiracy I really think she did that on purpose but have no fear Dad came home from soccer last night and he STOPPPED AND I GOT TO LICK The ICE CREAM CUP< hmmmmm maybe Mom just knew . That Mom is a crafty one !@!

HaHa HA Well most get going on Hey MOM has 5 days left of the school season and she is sooooo doodley happy I can tell because she is singing in the morning just singing in the MOrnin what a wonderful doodle day OOOO Wilson soon we can play.
OOOO Mom what are we going to do!
Have a great doodle day

Love ya willy BABE How can we walk right past and not get any ICE CREAM


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