Good Morning

Good Morning Good Morning How do you do? Good Morning Good Morning

I am fine and how about YOU??

Well this morning I went into my Human brothers room and what do I see HUMMMPH ! ! ! HUMMMPH
What is this??? What is This??? MOM???? MOM??: you are not telling me something?????

MOM MOM what is going on???? Well what I see is a suitcase YES a SUITCASE and from what I can tell I am going on a VACATION

OH YEA OH YEA I am going on Vacation how about YOU???? Heeee Heeeeee ! !

OOOO doodles the other night Mom came home from Yoga and said Willy Babe I have to plant these flowers I as like OKAY mom no Worries we did play a little soccer ball which was quite fun. and in between as mom was planting she would play with me then all of a sudden mom goes out into the front of the house , and waaaa LA the back door opens up and who comes in??? Maisy MAY Yes ! ! !
Her humans were out walk AHMEN MOM????? walking??? HMMMMMM Yes I know , well anyway Maisy May canme into the yard and we played a little then we stopped played a bit, ah ha ha Well we just like sniffing, Yes Maisy it is me! ! Your Big Buddy !!

SUnday Dad was reffing and Mom and Me went to the park so I DO KNOW WHAT I WANT for my Birthday JUNE 7th I want a soccer net Yes ! ! ! Where were were the had doodle size soccer nets it was cool ! !

I really think I anm also ready for MOM to be home I can tell it is almost time for her to be with me ! ! ! ! I can tell OH yes I can !!!!

Gotta get moving along wagging my tail all day long

Have a wonderful day today

Willy BABE 6 more DAYS Until MOM is home from SCHOOL Then Summer Summer SUMMER VACAY

I found a DOODLE SIZE soccer net

I found a DOODLE SIZE soccer net


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