Happy Happy

Good Morning Goood Morning Doodle buddies

I had a fabuldoodle weekend Mom and I went for a great doodley walk yesterday

But Saturday well I am once again a very VERY Handsome doodle Yep I have my summer cut ! ! !

Now if only the weather would be better, OOOO can you believe this ONE????

Mom and DAD yes DAD too left me on Saturday to go to a neighbors house well I was just so confused see< I was gone all morning long to get handsome Mom picks me up we do a few errands then WAaaa LA Dad comes home from work, and waaaa LA they gather food up I am waiting I am waiting I have my tail wagging the big smile on my face and then those words HUMMMMPH those Human words that say
"Sorry Big Guy, but its just for us " What???""""" oh my doodles but Mom says I'll come back in a bit, and they didn't even tell me they were going to see Abbey I just knew they were oh yes I did ha ha ha Mom came home and Luckily becuause it was so coool brrrrrrrrr doodley out on Saturday they came home early yea yea I had my humans ! !

Then Sunday MOM did errand s and we went to get some flowers then to the Soccer field and I found the most perfect Doodle soccer net for me Well Mom took a picture of it and she has to up load those pictures which I know she will do very soon OOOOO What a Weekend it was !!!

Now today on Monday I am just going to Relax ! Ahhhhhhhhh I even hopped up on my Human sisters bed this morning ahhhhhh I love my humans beds

Have a great doodley day

OOOO Mom caught me digging by the fence oooopssss Sorry hee heeee

Love ya to the soccer park we go  Willy BABE


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