OOOOO Dooodles Apparently I was not NOT listening to MY MOM yesterday I thought she was done with SCHOOL OH NO she has 11 days until the end oh SURE you would think I would listen to my MOM because she always has something pretty dooodley important to say !

Like WILSON want a treat or how about this one WILSON LETS GO FOR A CAR RIDE< or my very bestest one is WILSON lets go for a walk oh yea I love LOVE that one but my very very BESYEST in the whole wide world is

Guess who is coming this weeekend?? then I look out the window and Wonder Wonder OH yea Wonder who in the doodle world is coming today !

ooops gotta go see that is why I thouhgt mom was done with School because I had to rush and when I rush Well you just can't rush a doodle !

But anyway have a awesome day

Love ya Willy BABE 11 days  woot woot


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