Gooooood MORNING !

Well oh Well Well WEll,

Today is Tuesday an MY MOM is off from SCHOOL today oh Doodles I am just a little bit confused because all weekend Mom and I have been out in the morning enjoying the weather and she would let me have my bone BUT NOT TODAY so I am just a little bit Doodlemistified !

Come on I keep going to the door Mom and I go out but that is NOT what I want I want to take my BONE out with me . GheeZ a doodle whaT can a doodle do?

But I tell ya Mom and I had a great weekend together Dad was reffing Soccer but that is okay I got my playtime with him when he came in , first Mom and I walked then I helped her with the weeding I tell ya I was outside all day on Saturday and I was a pooped Doodle I didn’t even care that my Humans went somewhere at night time. Nah I said Go ahead go out and have fun !!!!

But what I could not understand was that I went to the fence a lot of times of the weekend and my pals were not outside ! Yeah I checked for Julia I peaked by the fence moved the plank and everything No Julia Whinnnn Whinnnnnnn, then I peaked into Mochas yard and no Mocha Whinnnn Whinnnnnn Where was everyone ! ! !

Oh Doodles, Oh Doodles, but the best part well almost was on Sunday it was raining and NO Mom and I didn’t walk which I must say can’t understand that one because all of a sudden I sensed something Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm Maisy Maisy May was walking in the rain ! Well Walking in the Rain can be fun but does My MOM take me in the Rain NOOOoooOOO she does not ! Well What the doodles if Maisy May can walk why of Why Can’t I????

Mom said I would get to wet ! ! Well MOM it is raining, so What I did I wanted to go out a lot well my humans had to let me out, but Mom caught on Ha HAH HA

Yesterday I got to go see Abbey I walked over there with Mom I didn’t have my good boy collar on so I pulled mom a little, but after I got to Abbey’s I was a good Doodle Boy.

Now today hmmmmmmm I think I had better go for my walk early because it is suppose to rain and Oh my Doodles I want to get out and go go go !

My Mom said after tomorrow and when she goes back to work tommorrow she has 11 days left of SCHOOL I must I must I must practice that doodle Doodle DANCE

Have a wonderful day Doodles

Love ya Willy BABE

11 more days

11 more days


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