So let’s give it up for WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY

Oh MY OH MY I just can’t believe that it is WEDNESDAy ONLY OH my Doodles WHY OH WHY Is it taking so long for that summer vacation to come for my MOM???

I just think Maybe I should not think about it that’s all NOT GOING TO THINK THAT my MOM only has 14 DAYS Left with the “KIDS”

Then she is alllllll MINE OH MY DOODLES, I know the first thing we will do ! ! ! ! ! ZESTY”S walk to celebrate the summer time COME ON Let’s get the party STARTED OH YEAH!!!

OOOO last night MOM and I spent quality time going for a drive and then playing in the backyard, it was chilly out but that’s okay we had fun, and guess who was peeking over the fence actually she was doing some laterall leaps over the fence just seeing what was going on ! !

Mocha MOCHA it is MOM and ME time so we didn’t invite her over and besides when she opens the gate her yard is very muddy and they are trying to grow some grass so we would not be able to run back and forth, but maybe tonight we will see !!!

So Happy Happpy Wednesday everyone I just can’t wait so i need to rest today just hopeful that the little squirrel doesn’t come by again because if she does well, I will have to RUFF ruff RUFF RUFFF at her and I just not in a RUFF RUFFFFFFR MOOD !

Happy Day
Love ya Willy BABE

Dreaming of the last day of school for MOM

Dreaming of the last day of school for MOM


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