Good Morning

Hellooooooo To Tuesday MORNING ! ! !

Helloooo Helloooo Helloooo What a day what a sun shinning kind of a day !
OOO Doodles and guess what this morning as MOM was just about to open the deck door and let me outside guess who I SAW???

Rocky Squirrel he was just coming by and say HI ! ! ! He was standing up on his back legs and you know I was perfectly happy just to watch I wasn’t even making my whinnnnn whinnnn let me out noises ! ! NOPE I wasn’t MOM let me outside and rush there he goes on top of the fence back and forth, I was trying to tell Rocky I like you little one so hurry hurry I know MOM is watching me ! ! ! ! Whoosh away he went over the fence into Julias Yard OH Doodles I am happy !

well, finally I had to get a new keyboard with my paws typing everyday it got tired so I have a new keyboard it makes noises but its okay

So over the weekend my Human Sister and Brother were home and Maisy my cousin oh what fun we had running around the backyard all night long then in the morning and the afternoon oh my doodles it was fun fun fun Until mom said Come inside !

Oh my Mom ALSO said she has 15 days left I looked at her this morning and gave her a great big smile ! ! So I have to start planning our days but first I get to go on vacation hmmmmmm where should I go Where should I go I want to go somewhere I can swim swim I know How to Swim !

ooops gotta get moving along waggin my tail all night long !

Have a great doodle day
Love ya Willy BABE

Just waiting until I  can swim

Just waiting until I can swim


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