Fluffy Fluffy FRiday

Good MOrning Good Morning to you and you and you Good Morning Good MORNING
Wonderful FRIDAY OOOOOO Wooot Woooot

That means If I am Doodle Correct which I know sometimes I am ha ha ah
MOM has 4 Fridays left at school not counting yet today because she is not there yet so I can’t count that but as soon as I see her pull from the driveway WAaaa LA 4 Fridays left.

Come on everyone lets do the Doodle Dance Put your two paws forward and shake them left and right Put your Two paws Forward and shake them Right and left get your but a shaking and shake shake shake shake, that is part of the Doodle romping Stomping DANCE!

OOO guess what else yesterday MOM and I went entire different route oh my Doodles I think she is getting me in shape for FORRRRR


Come on come on lets get ready to DOOODLE DOOODLE Let’s Doodle Doodle DOOODLE All day LONG !

OH MY Doodleness I am just all over the place this morning oh Doodle Mom also told me that my Human Sister is coming home with my Cousin Maisy plus my MY BIG HUMAN Brother oh yea OH YEA we will Party Party PARTY ! !

Just kidding

Have a fluffy Friday I feel the excitement in the AIR OH YES ! ! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

Gotta rest up for the weekend

Gotta rest up for the weekend


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