Happy Happy

Okay who is with ME WHO IS HAPPY that today is a Totally Terrific Tuesday !!

But, the day today is just a Tuesday ??/ OH NO OH NO ! ! Today is a Tremendous Tuesday, hahhahaha

My MOm and I were taking our walk last night and all kinds of people were outside just a walking, but what I DON”T UNDERSTAND is, when I walk past someone they don’t have TREATS with them !

Yep they don’t how in the doodle world can I get a treat if these HUMANS don’t have any treats how can I get to know them???

WEll I just don’t know MOM and I even walk very Verrrrryyyyy Slooooowwwwwwwwwwww past them and NOTHING absoutly NOTHING in there POCKETS<
I am just afraid I am going to lose my name as POCKETS WILSON THE TERRIFIC Doodle !

Ha Ha ha MOm and I were trying to figure that out but we can't just as simple as that in fact some hUMans don't even stop Hmmmmmmmm they didn't have very happy faces on there walk last night

BUT MOM and I SURE DID ! ! ! ! I mean really how can someone go past ME Wilson Wonderful Doodle and not say HI to me and tell me I am cute !

Mom says I get a big head sometimes when people say taht, WHat/???? all I do is just smile and wag my fluffy TAIl ! !


Gotta get moving along singing a song all Tuesday long ! ! ! ! !

I think 21 days are left I will use my fluffy paw to count the days while mom is at work !

Love ya Willy BABE Oh What A day . . .    Counting down the days   1


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