Good Morning

Good Morning Good MORNING it is a gloomy Day Good MOrning Good MORNING Rise and SHine anyway !

Awww come on even though it is cloudy out it was a really doodley great day yesterday !

It was MOM”S Day yeah I was a Good Doodle I was ! ! ! No running around the house looking for a kleenex to eat, no trying to get into Dad’s Soccer bag and searching to see if hmmmm Sniff Snifff Sniffff oh never mind !

Saturday MOM and I had a spectacular day ! ! ! We walked about 4 miles then MOM took me to some place and we dropped stuff off I ate my dinner mom left so Whooosh I was able to relax, do you really doodley realize how hard it is on a Saturday just to relax???? Mom is going up the stairs and down UP and Down,MOM , really please can you just relax???? NOPE Wilson gotta get stuff done ! Well . . . . . Okay, so then finally MOM went upstairs and hmmmmm what is she doing??? AHHH HA there she is so I went to lay on My Human brothers bed OUt comes MOM and Waaaaa LA I didn’t startle MOM she just laughed “OOO Wilson I guess your ready for our walk!” Seriously MOM I have been waiting since 7:00 am. for our walk ! !

Then yesterday MOM finally realized I was out of TREATS OH yes I was ! ! I tried and TRIED to tell MOM on Saturday but she just didn’t listen oh doodles MOM had other stuff on her mind ! Thats okay I don’t mind because I also got a new toy Which I will be happy to share with my cousin Maisy.

OOO yesterday MOM talked with KAren on her phone hmmmmmmm I wagged my tail lots when I heard Karen’s voice I just doodley love hearing my Human sister and brothers voices.

Have a wonderful dooly day!

Love ya Willy BABE

I dressed up for my MOM yesterday

I dressed up for my MOM yesterday


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