Happy Friday

Happy happy DAys ohhhoohhhh Happy Happy Day today is FRIDAY FRIDAY OOOO happy HAPPY DAY

Now I know it might just seem like an ordinary DAY BUT IT”S FRIDAY OH doodles and MOM says that she only has 4 that is right only 4 more Fridays left with the shcool year

OOOO doodles I am going to wag WAG Waggin my tail for that one ! ! ! ! !

So on Fridays MY mom will be home and OOOOoooOOOOOO thats right she gets to go on VACATION but have know FAIR MOM says i get to go on VACATION too!!!!

My Dad surprised me yesterday I was just laying around then all of a sudden the door opened up and there is MY DAD ! ! ! ! HI DAD !!!!

My Dad was on a trip, so me and MOM were here Nothing like having DAD back home YEP Now I get my AFternoon TREATS ! ! ! !

AND MOM will be able to let me on this computer a little bit more too ! !

No walk last night but MOM was in the backyard and MOCHA came over to play it was like everyone was out in there backyards I even heard Maisy MAY and my Friend BELL , but NO Julia my secret Girlfriend, Gheezzz I hope she is not mad at me because I walked with Bell the other day , then the other two days I saw my Maisy MAY !

OH Doodles Mr. Romeo Wilson I think has a problem, OH Doodles thats okay !!

Have a Happy Happpy Fluffy TAil WAGGIN DAY

Love ya Willy BABE




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