Good Morning

Snookum’s????? Snookums that is what mom called me this Morning well, actually she called me Snookumdoodle, ???:?

Hmmmmm I think I really do think she is trying to make up to me because SHe was gone all day yesterday, but. ..
the best part of my afternoon was when Mrs O came over to let me out in the afternoon and she had my Girlfriend Maisy May ! !

OOOO Doodles I thought I was in a little bit of doodle trouble! Yes I had to explain myself to Miss Maisy because well. . . .

As mOM and I were walking the other day smiling and just strutting down the street, I saw My Other Girlfriend JULIA< Oooops

Darn I am in trouble but. . . Have no doodle fear !! ! Miss Julia knows me as Romeo Wilson, AH HA I thought I am safe, but NOOOoooOOO

MOm takes a picture of us and Waaaa LA Mrs. O shows up with Miss Maisy yesterday and I had to explain all to about my friend Miss JUlia
ooops gotta run

Love ya Willy BABE

I guess I will have more explaining to do I am just a doodle that likes the ladies


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