Gooood Morning

Helloooooooooooooooo Everyone !

Okay Okay I now the weather is getting nicer but, MOM come on The sun is Shinning can’t we start walking in the MORNING ALSO????

Huh hUH please I would love a walk really early in the morning the birds are singing but, the most important of all I can sniff the trees before anyone else does !

Ha HA HA HA thats not going to happen ! NOPE at least not until Mom is off for the summer, and when her and I go on vacation in JULY she sort of told me what she is going to do but I can’t say its a surprise ! ! ! !

Last night Mom and I tried a little jog and I mean very little like from one driveway to the other heee heeeee we are not joggers at all, but once in a while I just have a doodle sneaky feeling that mom would love to RUN RUN LIKE A DOODLE heeee heee,
I am just full of the doodle giggles today I think that is a great sign !

Have a great doodley dee day !

Yea MOM could not decide which top to wear this morning so I could not go on when I wanted to ! gheeeeez

Love ya

Willy BABE !

Love that warmth of the SUN

Love that warmth of the SUN


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