Fluffy Fluffy FRIDAY

HI  this has to be so short for my FRIDAY  oh yea  I Believe I am entitled to a Doodle DAy so I declare  a Doodle Day today !

And what can I do on a Doodle day??? I can Do what I do everyday !  Make everyone SMILE !

Mom was taking her time this morning and I am just patiently waiting for her so I gave her the LOOK again  All Week I have been giving her the LOOK
I think it is because of the CLOUDY dreary Day  sort of like a Eeyore kind of day !

But NOT today today the sun is SHINING  the bunnies are hopping all over my backyard I just can’t wait to check them all out !

Do you know that last night we bumped into a chocolate Lab  it was a puppy  so cute mom says HMMMMM MOM  cuter than ME???????  Should I be worried  No wilson all is good

But I did hear MOM and DAD well actually DAD saying what size would our next Pup be HMMMMMM DAD  DAD   I am getting a Playmate?????/ OH DOODLES  I know mom will start looking ! OH YEA

Also on my walk last night MOM said I get to go on vacation with her in JULY oh Doodles I can hardly w ait it will be so much fun  I bet I get to see my Doodle Cousins  and maybe go swimming too ! ! !  !  ! OOOOOOO Doodles  Summer Summer Time  Time  Summer Summer Time  it the best time of the year

Mom says that she has 34 days left OH Doodles I think I will start counting down too !

Have a fantadoodle Day!

Love ya Willy BABE

Mom can I have a puppy ?

Mom can I have a puppy ?


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