Gloomy  Gloomy  that is what these days have been like for me and my MOM  Gloomy Gloomy GLOOMY

OOOOO Doodles it is so good that I  such a cute Doodle can get my MOM up and moving along  singing a song as we walk along  all night long !

So do you realize that every day that we have walked we have not been able to go  our 3.,5 miles or longer/??? HMMMMMM  do you know what that make a doodle that can’t go that far?

Well,  let me tell you   see I like PAPER  it doesnt’ matter what kind of paper, so yesterday morning I was hunting around all the bedrooms and I knew that there was some  somewhere !  But . . .   Mom was busy getting ready for the day so I carefully looked and looked and LOOKED  and WAAAAAAAA LA   I carefully looked  both ways  ( my mom taught me to always look both ways ) hmmmmm NO mom  okay there it is  AH HA

A victoria secret pink shopping color  NO PINK is not my favorite color but  it was paper, rip  rip RIPPPPP all of a sudden   “wilson?””” “WILSON !?”  OH MY  Doodles Wilson what the doodle  come here !  Yeah it was MOM she was not too happy with me but,  MOM we haven’t been able to go extra long walks and I just needed to do something!

So last night I could just tell MOM didn’t feel like walking  so I just went by her nudge her  NUDGED her and SMILED   yea it melted mom’s heart and she said  OKAY big guy LET”S GO!  So away we went !

Ahhhh and we didn’t get any rain or SNOW  just a little wind and little chilly but , you know what/???

As we were half way home MOM looked at me and said  “THANKS WILLY BABE !  I Did need this walk tonight!”

YeaH  I know how to make my mom smile and we went 3.75 miles  OH YEA  tonight 4

Love ya all

Willy BABE

I know how to make my      mom SMILE

I know how to make my


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