Happy Happy


Can you believe that it is Finally FRIDAY   FINALLY  and For a FRIDAY I am feeling fluffy oh doodles I am

So last night Mom was busy  on the phone Ahhhh MOM  I am here waiting so patiently but did you know that MY mom can multi task oh yes YES YES  she is so good at it too!

So we went out walking but oh doodles did she ever hurry me along I mean really  fast, we just happen to go one of my favorite routes becuase I get to see Mr. K  oh doodles she only let me stay a few minutes   OH my I suppose it was a good idea seeing that as we were walking  MOM noticed we were the only ones outside hmmmmmmm.

So as we were walking on down the street I was trying to sniff at every tree we would meet.  All of a sudden MOM thinks she sees a  FLASH hmmmmm “Wilson did yo see that?” hmmm Yea  I did mom okay lets hurry then we heard the RUmmmmmmble  Rummmmble, oh MOM  MOMMM  will be OKAY<  “yes, Wilson”  so instead of going straight we turned,

Thats when I knew  MOM Meant business   I only did 1.78 MILES  oh  MAN so I am hopeful that tonight after work we will go again,

Rain Rain RAIN it poured and MOM got DRENCHED  heee eeee see MOM !!

Have a great day today

Love ya Willy BABE

I was sad we didn't walk longer last night !

I was sad we didn’t walk longer last night !


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