Thats all HI

HA HA HA Fooled you ! ! !  !  Nah Come on Where was everyone on our walk last night???

Hey sure it was windy, and My ears at time were flapping around but Did MY MOM stay home NOPE  NOPE  Of course not because  I gave her those

Doodle EYES  I’m watching yo,u Doodle EYE s  I see what your doing, Doodle EYES You don’t need to fold clothes, Doodles EYES say please take me for a walk !

Ha Ah it is a perfect morning in m neighborhood  neighborhood NEIGHBORHOOD it is a perfect day in the NEIGHBORHOOD I scared that bunny away.

So last night as we were walking  Mom was picking up my  stuff and all of a sudden  we spotted something, hmmmm we walked closer and closer actually I was telling my MOM that I want to smell that tree and much to mu EEEKEKEKEK

It was a cat  Yes  A cat was by a tree, oh my doodles  well thats what MY MOM told me it was  Hmmmmmm Okay  OKAY I must admit I have never met a CAT in all my 6years of Doodle life.

So hmmmmm we were watching each other  NOt sure what MOM was thinking but,   . . .

all of a sudden that cat HISSSSSSED at me  Can you belive that??? AGAGGGGG  MOM lets go  we turned and gallopped away  oh my doodles I don’t want to ever meet that cat again.

Other than that cat we had a Gloriousdoodle day  Doodle Day WE had  a Glorious Doodle Day all night long !

So have a fantasticdoodle day  doodle day  Doodle Day have a fantastic doodle day and I will watch to make sure Mr. Bunny stays out of our yard.

Love ya  Willy BABE

Ahhhhh Wednesday

Ahhhhh Wednesday



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