Fluffy Fluffy Friday

Ahhhh My Friday with MOM is Finally Here Ahhhhhhh

Mom and I already played this morning so now it is relaxing time with MY Mom and some other stuff.

But, last night we took a early walk and MORE and MORE friends were out last night and even my Friend BEll.

OH my doodles you won’t believe what happened last night MOm an I  were just casually finishing up our walk  and we were walking on down our street but who do I see with  my two brown eyes I see my friend Bell walking up the street, I blinked and BLINKED looked up at MOM and she said Yep That is your pal.

So I was listening for my MOM to say okay GO but she didn’t mmmmmmm MOM????? its Bell I know  I know we are still a few houses away but  please??????

So she looked at me  OKAY GO !  So I ran to Bell her Human let her of leash we ran to Bells Backyard I went around the pool a gallizion times , Bell ran to my house MOM came looking for me !  Wilson  WILSON !  she sounded a little bit pancied but  have no FEAR MOM I was just waiting on there deck she smiled said  go HOME  HOME that is where your buddy went.

So Bell and I ran and Ran into my backyard  oh my doodles I tell ya  I ran and galloped an ran I had so much fun   I heard my MOM tell Bells’ Human that I really needed this run  oh doodles did I ever, and Elf my brother started to woof WOOOF at us, come on over I woofed back but, his humans had people over  OH WELL

So I fantastically had a fun Thursday night !

Love ya Willy Babe,

Have a fluffy Friday and Happy Easter




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