So today is April 1st  MOM says  SO HAPPY APRIL  APRIL Happy Happy April it is almost JUNE! !

Well that is what MOM says really April then JUNE  oh my Doodles but speaking of JUNE do you KNOW who’s birthday is on JUNE 7th hmmmmmm  Let me know if you need a HINT   HINT  HINT  NO??? HINTS  well Okay then I am hopeful Very HOPEFUL that on JUNE 7th  MY mom will be giving me the biggiest BESTEST party ever that a doodle like me can HAVE.

Hmmmmm we can have balloons and clowns  no   NO NO  clowns,  me Mr. Doodle is NOT very fond of CLOWNS  but,  TREATS  OH YEAH  TREATS  would make my day.

So yesterday I just relaxed   ahhhhh But today OOOO doodles I am ready  ready TO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not sure where because I don’t have my drivers License yet  !

And I do have to say the other day when I was outside my friend Julia was outside and I saw her and the WaaaaaaaaLA off I go to do the Doodle crazies around the yard  >

Do you think she noticed me?????? Ahhhh I hope so!  I like putting my nose through the fence and looking in on Ms Julia !

Have a Happy April 1st and be careful of all of those silly Jokes, like my Mom saying I can have a I Pad so she can check in and talk to me and I can talk back to her  really????!!

OK  OK I know she is serious  OH yea love my MOM
Have a Happy April    almost  June

Love ya  Willy BABE

It's April  already YEAH

It’s April already YEAH



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