Hellooo Tuesday

Tuesday  Tuesday that means it is 3 days closer to the weekend   WEEKEND   weekend 3 more days closer to the WEEEKEND  and MY MOM AND DAD will be home Yipppppeeee

Yesterday you know mom was at work all day long !  Whinnnnn Whinnnn.  I made sure that Miss Daisy BIRD was okay all day and she was  I just think she just needed a little bit of attention  the other day when she made that strange Bird sound

OOOOOO Miss DAisy Bird  any way I promised mom and I did watch over her well not the entire time mind you I had to watch those squirrels in my backyard  teasing me  all day long

Yea One sits on our fence post and wags it tail  Its not as fluffy as mine but thats OKAY and I think that was my friend ROCKY  Squirrel not too sure but . . .

Last night I was ready to walk and Walk and so was my MOM it was great we ran into some pups we knew  and one PUP was ruffing at me I Gruffed back at him, well, I could tell that pup wasn’t up  to  Ruffing  he sounded like a sore throat so I was just telling Him to shhhhhhh Rest your Bark.

ha ha ha   so what kind of day will be in store for me HUh  not sure but I will have some kind of adventure but for know I think I will just snuggle on the coach and think about it

have a great Doodley DAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Hmmmm what to do today

Hmmmm what to do today


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