Today oh TODAY

Well ha ha ha  gottcha  oh yeah  OH YEAH ! ! !

So yesterday was my Kinda day Wednesday  was  MY Kinda Day Wednesday was  plenty of hugs came my way, with lots of smile to my Mom because  Yesterday was MY KIND OF DAY!  So you ask??? What did we do hmmmmmmm can’t say because that would spoil my KIND OF DAY !

Ha ha ha I just kept on doodling along all day long do you really know how hard it is to be me??? well, let me tell you I have to look out the back window deck , then I have to check on MOM well, you know what??? Mom can be anywhere but, mostly she is in the kitchen doing her thing!! !  oh  my I can’t say all I know is that I can look at mom with my eyes and she smiles

OOO Givein you a smile mom  Giving you a smile so that I may get a little treat   Giving you a SMILE  Giving you a SMILE  I love to just SMILE all day long ! But.  see these last few days we have been walking in the afternoon which OH MY Doodles I sure do like to d o !

But she was busy   busy BUSY, so after dinner  and she was clearing the dishes away  I went HUMMMMH!  MOM   MOM  please  PLEASE  see I just sort of knew that MO was not really UP to walking, well I will tell you why!

It was sort of gloomy out the  wind was blowing and little chilly, but  I doodlepreservered and MOM gave in    I knew she would !  I know my Doodle MOM very well,

and I am so glad we did walk and so was MOM we ran or walked into Mosby my Great BIG DANE friend, then as we kept on walking on down the street the wind blowing in my furry head  who do we see???  I bet you can’t Guess he has four legs  HA HA HA AH  I suppose that is not much of a HINT  IT WAS   ZEUS  ZEUS the doodle that is a wee bit bigger then me !

See All you have to do is Smile at MOM   Smile at MOM  All I Have to do is SMILEat MOM  and I Get my WAY !

Have A  Doodlicious Thursday

Love ya Willy BABE

Smile that is all I have to do is SMILE

Smile that is all I have to do is SMILE



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