Happy Monday

OH lYes  OH Yes  It is MONDAY and guess WHAT??!?!?

Mom is on Spring BREAK this week and she said we have a lot to do OH YES ! !

But One of the is the groomer yes I have to go too the groomer tomorrow yea I am a little shaggy but, heck Spring only started onFRDIAY ! so I am not too late with my spring time new DO>

This weekend was so much fun and MOM surprised me by taking me to the trail on the East RIver that was wayyyy to much fun OH yes she didn’t let me off leash  when her and I talked she said I just might find a mud puddle and she didn’t want me to go swimming in it  !

OH she is a clever one that mom, so as we were walking on home just a trotting on down our street who do I see????? Maisy was outside in her front yard oh it was rather cool becuase at first MOM said wait to me HUH???? MOM ! ! its Maisy Mae my little buddy, so she was like OKAY go let me run I gallopped over to Maisy then to her HUMAN then to the backyard went a little doodle crazy, then whooosh MAISY took off to see if BELL was around, and I guess Maisy wanted to play in my backyard because she also went to my house, but our yard is still a wee bit messy. Her human followed and took Maisy May HOME, Soon Maisy girl we will be romping stompin in the yard together,

SO for today MOM has to take me to the VET oh its okay I don’t mind going , I like getting on the scale (i get treats) My paws I have been licking the bottoms so MOM has to have them checked out oh gheeez a doodle !

So I better get moving along

Have a great day today

Love ya Willy BABE

Neck scratches LOVE THEM

Neck scratches LOVE THEM


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