My OH MY WHat  A wonderful Weekend  Plenty of Surprise came my way oh my oh my What a wonderful Doodley Weekend it was.

First of All MOM  was able to give me a HUGE WAlk onFriday afternoon oh Doodles it was great the sun was shinning  OOO and you know what It is time for Me to get my Spring Grooming done yea  My tongue was hanging out on part of my walk,

But that is not the best part the bestest Doodlest part of the Weekend was the SuRPRISE MY humans gave me !

Yep all of a sudden MOM is talking on the phone she says something to day and WAAAALA Off we go to CHICAGO !

Whooosh I was totaly unprepreared yes usually I know this stuff ahead of time but OH DOODLES  it was great ! Aunt Nancy watched me on Saturday night she did a Doodlely good job !

Then the Bestest in the Whole Doodle world  was on Sun day   Mom took me for a walk around the block then we get back to Papa’s house and who is sitting in the living mY HUMAN Brother Jack OH DOODLES  I did my Doodle DAnce for him  PUt your two dooldes paws in and jump all around shake shake taht Doodle butt all around  , and go in cirlces  cirlcles  OH DOODLES IT was  GREAT , then he is scratching my head  and giving me pets and WHO else WAlks in  MY other HUMAN brother BOB !

OOOOO Doodles that was AWESOME  I was soooooo Happy  that tail of mine kept wagging and wagggin oh gheez MOM really thought it was going to fly off !

Oh what fun the weekends are when you have surprise  OH DODOLES   I have to rest today because a Doodle can only have so much fun !

Love ya Willy BABE

Weekends LOVE THEM

Weekends LOVE THEM


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