Fluffy Fluffy FRIDAY

OH Doodles  OH DOODLES FRiday if FINALLY here  OH YEAH  OH YEAH  I can’t wait to woof out a cheer  Wooof Woooof  there

OH MY OH MY MOM says it is going to be so doodley nice out that maybe oh JUST MAYBE we might be able to go on the trail tomorrow, its near the river the one she likes to go on sometimes but brrrrrr it can be chilly   !!

Hey at least  mom isn’t taking me to the groomer today OOOOOoooOOo Take me not to the groomer I don’t want to go  It’s to nice out on Saturday so I heard, so  Don’t take me to the Groomer  I don’t want to go!   I would rather have some TReATS and spend my Time with YOU and  DAD !

Hmmmmm I think mom is listening she is smiling  oh yeah !

What was up with last night as we were walking it was a little brisk outside not so sure I liked that  !  But mom and I still took our walk and oh doodles she was going fast I think she had a lot on her mind last night  she was talking and  of course I was listening to her and just smiling away at my MOM

Then Dad came home OOOOoooOOO  I didn’t want him to feel left out on the fun MOM and I had so I quickly grabbed my blue squeeky ball and we played HIde and seek and try to get the squeeky ball  oooo that made DAd smile and he needed that too.

I sure do hope my Humans have a much better day today

I am here to give them there Doodle hugs  ahhhhhh I have a ruff Rufff JOB

Have a fabulous Friday  Yeippppppppp

Love ya  Willy BABE

Hmmm not too sure if I like wearing hats

Hmmm not too sure if I like wearing hats



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