OH MY OH MY OH MY what a beautiful day plenety of more sunshine coming my way !

Come on  Let the sun shine in and be happy   HAPPY   HAPPY let us be HAPPY becuase I SAID SO>

Heee heee well, you will never guess what MY MOM had me do yesterday afternoon when she came home from work ! ! !  Well we know I am part IRISH and on the Doodlekiss page there is always a theme of the week, well, you’ll never guess  so . . . .  You will just have to wait a  bit.

Last night the stars were out and we walked and walked ahhhhhh I LOVE just being able to walk and not see the steam coming from my nose ha ha ha OH YEA when is was cold I had some pretty good steam coming out of my nose  then mom would walk faster but she had to be careful ICE>

BUT not anymore NO  NOT AT ALL ! now we have puddles on on the sidewalk so we go in and out of puddles and last night MOM saw a HUGE puddle “COME ON WILLY BABE” she said so we walked across some grass and eeewwwwww  My furry paws got mud on them  Ewwwww MOM !

But the funny part MOM got her HOT PINK walking shoes dirty  OOOOPS !
Did you know that I can spend more time on my deck now that it is warm out YEP  I LOVE  LOVE LOVE doing that !

So have a wonderful I hope not too WHACKY of a WEDNESDAY !

Love ya Willy BABE

This is what my MOM DID to ME ! ! ! ! YES

This is what my MOM DID to ME ! ! ! ! YES


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