OOOla la OOOOO la la  It is FRIDAY  oh yea  OH YEAH !

And I found out my surprise My Human SISTER is coming today  OH YEA

ANd my cousin Maisy oh my  I can hardly wait !  I don’t know I think I will be good today  I don’t know it is just one of those FRIDAY MOrnings that  OH MY DOODLES !

Wilson  Wilson  I am such a fluffy Dog Wilson Wilson you just make me smile !

Hmmmmm not sure of that part of the song, mom and I were singing when we were walking yesterday and you know what we walked in the daylight so MOM would not FALL ! and you want to know something else  that same ICY patch was still there yes it was but MOM and I walked on the street when we saw it !

Ha ha ha ha  I am just being silly  but, when MOM”s back was turned I snuck that napkin on the table oh yes I thought OOO MOM won’t notice but  HA HA she did must of been because the plate was moved a lot to get that NAPKIN!

And also I saw my kids I always see in the summer time they were playing in the snow yesterday MOM says she would have treats next time they see me oh yea  !

What a day  what a day I am so glad today is FRIDAY FRIDAY  Fabulous FRIDAY  Friday is for fun FUN FUN  oh yea  this doodle just want to have fun YES  this DOODLE just wants to have FUN!

So have a fabulous FRIDAY full of FABULOUS  FUN


Love ya Willy BABE

I am dreaming of course

I am dreaming of course


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