OOO Doodles do you realize that today is FRIDAY OH OH OH my my my Friday FRDIAY oh what  a beautiful day Friday is FRIDAY  oh my oh MY what a day !

Hee heee so last night I was a little sad  whinnn whinnn No one came to play with me last night I just  don’t know why?? whinn Whinnn  Mom said that my new buddy Cooper had to go home !  oh my doodles where does he live MOM???  Well Wilson he lives in MI which is sort of far way  but, next time he visits we can play again okay?   OKAY MOM that would be great .

But I was sad anyway Hummmmph I wanted to run , and RUN or even a walk my MOM said it was a little chilly out last night but maybe today when I get home from work Willy BABE

Yep that perked me up too! I guess it was okay  but Last night I just kept looking out my window to see if anyone was coming my way,

Doodley Doo Dah  Doodley dee doo my oh my Can someone come and play > I poromise to be good I promise no “Fluffy PAW”  heee heeee sure I promise no worries ha ha ha !

Soo please oh Please can someone come and PLAY !

Good doodle my mom said that my Human brother is coming tomorrow oh yea  OH YEA  I can’t wait ! So excited  So Excited Yipppeeee “Doodley Doo

Have a wonderful Fluffy FRIDAY !! ! !  !!  ! It’s suppose to get warm I can tell I like staying out on my deck just a little bit longer oh yea

Love ya Willy BABE

Friday  ahhhhh

Friday ahhhhh


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