Good Day

Well,  you know it is so strange to go out in my backyard at night and have someone say  HI WILSON!!  hmmm woof woooof WOOF !

Mom, I was just saying hi to MIMI and  Cooper thats all   come on MOM it’s not that late outside  Woof Wooof WOOF

So MOm says HI MIMI  and guess what we might have Cooper come on over tonight again ! OOOO Doodles I had better rest up that Cooper likes to play ! At least yesterday I really didn’t do too much so that is good but you know that  today is WEDNESDAY and I can be a little whacky on WEDNESDAY !

And this morning too I just woof a really little bit not so bad at all ! !  Just letting everyone know that the sun is shinning  OOO let the sun Shine  let the Sun Shine today for me ! Let me lay on my deck  Lay on my OOO let me lay on my deck and let that sun shine all on me !

I tell you something is going on yea there a foot prints on my lawn and I try to try to tell MOM and DAD but they say it is okay  those are just big BUNNY prints on my Doodles, then why oh why won’t that bunny come in my yard???? HUH  I just want to know thats all

Abby will come over too she is a sweet little girl so we get to have a PUPPY party  Puppy party let’s all come to a puppy party, I just hope I wont’ have to get so defrosted tongiht  we will see !   Ha Ha HA  j

Also did you notice it is getting warmer out yea today its going to be 11 out doodles I can feel the warmth pretty soon it willbe 20,  then 30  then 70 oh doodles am I dreaming or what?

Ha ha ah

Have a great wonderful WHacky Wednesday !

Love ya Willy BABE

Any one up for a little wrestling???

Any one up for a little wrestling???


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