So how do you like the cold???? Well, My mom was wondering out loud to me well you know she really doesn’t have to speak we just look at each other and Just KNOW what it going on !

Oh What fun it is to be a Doodle in my Mom’s world !

Doodleland Doodleland oh what fun it is to be  in Doodleland Doodleland I think the cold has gone to my BRAIN ! Yea becuase this morning I just wanted to be out on the deck , well my MOM would not let me stay out too long NO she thought I might get too cold, Hmmmmph   Mom  I hear other dogs outside Hmmmmm   “Wilson ,  I don’t think so ”

Thats when I knew mom was right and the cold was getting to my brain  Brrrrdoodles

But I do know it is Thursday and WE have an exciting evening planned  it’s called lets snuggle with the blanket, hmmmmmmm we did that last night too but Dad gave me a few massages ahhhhh thats the life!

So have a doodles  Doodles  have a perfect doodles day  think of warmth and nice warm walks, as we  lay in the  sun Doodles   Dooldes oh a perfect day for Doodles we do get extra treats just by being us on these cold days !

So have an extra treat today and STAY WARM !  Come on  you can do it  How about a extra HUG  ahhhhhh thats it   Bye

Love ya Willy BABE

Soon Soon  SOON

Soon Soon SOON


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