Happy Friday

Good Morning  Good MORNING it is A Beautiful Friday Morning

oooo Sure it is cold out but I am in my house all snuggled up on the Coach  OH doodlesy it is a wonderful Fluffy Day for a Doodle  Doodle  DOODLE  It is a wonderful Fluffy day for a doodle  I hope you have a fluffy day TOO!

Well as you know It has been brrrrrrdoodle cold outside  I don’t even want to take a walk Yea  I just grab my blue squeeky ball and play with my MOM or Dad,  I love sneaking my Dad when he is on the computer and put that ball right by his feet, but MOM goes and gets and throws it up the stairs I run UP then go and hide Heeee OOOO it is so much to play with humans and see that they run so much for me !

Not sure what we are doing on Saturday  but MOM says I will be surprised hmmmm OH my humans are so funny  I just love being with them I don’t have to be so surprised all the time, well maybe OH    OH   OH   OKay yes I do  like surpirses !

Hmmmm I wonder  WONder OOo Doodles  What  What can it be hmmmmmm ! I guess I will just think about it all day long   Alll Day LONG  Think  THINK  THink all day LONG !

Well have a wonderful Doodle day  and pups stay warm it’s going to be cold the next few days !

Love ya Willy BABE

So glad you are finally HERE

So glad you are finally HERE


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