HI Happy Wednesday

OOO Its a Doodle DAy It is a HUG YOUR DOODLE DAY

or any other  pup you might have !

Yep Yep  oooo Last night as mom and I were walking yea  pups were Woofing at me OH YEA OH YEA  I think they got my message, but I was a little worried at first what the doodle heck once one pup started everyone chimmed in on our walk  >

OOO What fun it is to be a Doodle with a lot of wag in my tail !

I have to get off early because of the snow and Mom wants to drive very carefully to work this morning Heck I think that is a good idea MOM !

So hug your doodle and let us show you how we will wag our ffluffy tail for you !

OOO Maisy May  I heard your little bark as we walked down our street last night I looked I sure hope you could sense that I was sending my Doodle vibes to you !

Have an awesome Wednesday !

Love yea Willy BABE


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