OOO Doodles Doodles  DOOODLES  what a lovely bunch are we Doodles Dooldes DOODLES   Oh HOw Happy WE CAN BE

All we want is to be loved and hugged and given treats  thats is all and is it  to much to  ask that MY MOM GIVE ME A BONE IN THE MORNING ????? HUH HUH  Really I would not eat all, of it just  half.

So I thought My MOM would Caveadoodle in but NOOOOoooOOO  I even waited upstairs and gave her that Sad looking Eye LOOK  BUT NOOOoooOOOO

Gheeezzz whats a doodle to do too get a bone in the morning??? Well I will tell you  I think I will learn today on how to open up that door where mom keeps all the GOODIES !

OOO and another thing  so it was a just a wee bit cold last night but we didn’t see anyone walking there pups well we saw a lab walking with his human WHO I just might add didn’t have a flashing light on LIKE ME   Yea  Yea  YEA  I wear a doodle light so People can SEE ME. WEll they like to smile  when I walk bye,  Nope all we saw last night was  two jogger and a part of speeding CAR !   ha ha HAHHHHHAAAAA.

When we got home last night I even went out on my deck and told the story  Woof Wof Woooof but know one answered back   COME ON GUYS  answer me  We have to have a party  Party  PARTY  it is time to PARTY  HURRY weekend come !

OOO my doodles I think I drank too much water this mornig !!

HAve a wonderful doodley day !

Love ya Willy BABE

I think if I post pictures of Summer it will Happen sooner

I think if I post pictures of Summer it will Happen sooner



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