Good Monday MORNING

It’s Monday  It’s Monday WAKE UP  WAKE UP  It’s Monday  MONDAY time to start a brand new day !

OOOO my doodles  I was so worried on Friday night MOM went out with some friends and I kept looking for her and LOOKing for her out the window  she never told  me she was going out with friends !   HYMMMMPH Yep can you believe that  she always says  Wilson I will be right back and NOT ON FRIDAY   ! ! ! !

Then she came home and I didn’t wag my tail so much NOPE I was doodlely sort of upset that I didn’t get my big HUG  when she left and SHE always gives me a HUG>

But on Saturday she made up for it  Yep  we were in our backyard Mocha was outside and she was doing her Lateral leaps so she came over we played ball Mom would toss the ball we would run into Mocha’s yard and then run back into ours OOOO doodles it was a great day, plus MOM did one errand AND gave me a big HUG  Then we went for a 4 mile walk went to Petsmaart   OOO dooldes I was in doodle Heaven  .

Yesterday that wind was blowing a little bit too much so MOM and ME went to the park and It was Golden Retriever day  5 Retrievers were there MOM says they are part realitves to me  hmmmm???? oh doodles it’s okay but this one her name was Kate kept following me and Following me  went by MY MOM for pets oh doodels she was fun!  ! !  ! !

What a day  running  and running ! ! !  I was poo0ped out last night !  Just woofed a little to my friends last ngiht ! !  But tonight I think is a walk night oh kyea  OH YEA   But MOM says if its tooo cold NO WALK  Grummmph !

Have a  great wonderful Marvelous MONDAY !

Love ya  Willy BABE

I think it is time for my cousin to visit  soon

I think it is time for my cousin to visit soon


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