Happy Happy FRIDAY

OOO Gheeezzzzy Doodles I am so happy  Happy Tail waggin Happy that it is FRIDAY  FRIDAY  OH My Doodles It’s Friday  Lets wag our tails lets wag our TAILS because it means our HUMANS will be AROUND  HEY!

So I must admit that It was even too  cold for me Yep Big Fluffy Willy BABE to be outside last night  oh dooodles  I am ready  READY  READY for SUNSHINE   SUNSHINE  shinning on my fur  Yep I am ready READY  READY  for the sunshine beam to be on top of me !


Wooof Wooooof last night I went just to see if my pals were around but nope  NOPE NOPE Where oh Where are my Buddies  Oh Where oh Where can they BE??? I LOOK and LOOK out the WINDOW but they ARE NO WHERE to be SEEEN!

Woof Woooooof  Come on pups come on let s play someday I hear it is suppose to be nice and warm outside tomorrow so Maybe tomorrow I know my MOM wil lWALK me  oh yea !

Do you know what I do now  well when my MOM closes those curtains for the night  and I hear something I peak through them yea its pretty cool like last night I did that while mom was upstairs then she didn’t see me  Wilson  wilson Here I am mom  HERE I AM !

Heeee she laughed   well we have to make up our own fun on these cold days !

So have a grand doodle Day  Doodle Day have a Awesome Doodle Day !

Love ya Willy BABE

Pups please come outside

Pups please come outside


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