Good Morning  OH my Doodles for the 2nd day in February it sure  is  doodley cold  outside and I really thought yesterday was breezzzzly cold  oh my  doodles and My mom really teased me on Friday night  She took out my over night bag oh yea  oh HEY when do we leave???

Mom and Dad just smiled at me so on Saturday Morning I knew something was up  OH YEA  well so as soon as I saw my MOM get ready ooooo Yes I am going somewhere and guess where???/  I got to go too Chicago to see my HUMAN cousins oh Doodles this will be so much fun\

So we get to my Uncle Mikes house and he has a pup named Penny so we both went outside to run and run well,  there was this tiny opening that well Hey Penny we can make it I said to her so I just pushed my way through and Waaaa LA away we go   OOOOPs Penny said Wilson we can’t leave the yard ! ! !

So luckily Penny headed to the front door and Uncle Eddie just happened to be coming up the walk  and Penny said Hi to him but I gallopped over to Uncle Eddie and he was like WOOOA  Wilson


OOOo I will have to finish later on MOM has to leave for work now

Have a great day  oooo and everyone  stay WARM

Love ya Willy BABE



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