OOOPs I am bad  I know  I know I normally  say Helllooooooo but today well today is Tuesday and it is a different kinda day  OH yea sure you might say it snowed last night but heck  I want A few mOre inches  then MOM Maybe would have a SNOWDOODLE day outside with me

Shucks it’s been quite a while since MOM had a day off oh yea  sure she had last Monday but  Heck  oh well  . . .

What a wonderful weekend it was  But  . . … . .. . I had to go to the groomer on Saturday and guess what I am handsomefied heee heeeee but my groomer told me next time I have to go early in the morning  not at noon NOPE NOPE NOPE

Yea I am a good boy but it takes me a little bit longer to get handsome well I have very thick fur    but If I went early in the morning then MOM and I would not of ENJOYED our Saturday morning WALK  and Doodley Doodles it was fun  we saw some crows eating a squirrell NOPE it wasn’t ROckey !

Because Rocky was on my fence Sunday morning hee heee he is doing good he told me well not really but it seems he found a nut and was chewing it well MOM doesn’t normally let me run out but  oh MAN she did !!

OOOo and I* have this friend that was on the run in FL well I haven’t really met him but he Good new is that he was  caught ! ! !  Yea and that is a very good THING  mom says  that ACE thats what we called him hmmmmm I think his name will be changed  well anyway if I ever get to FL maybe we can visit HIm   Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder  Wonder WONDER if that will happen.

OOO last night MOM and dad and this very delicious food cooking and DAD was shredding the chicken hmmmmm sniiiffffff snifff sniffff ahhhh  Buffalo chicken  ahhhh my favorite and you would think Dad would give me some BUT NOOOOoooo

I even put my head close to the counter too Doodles not fair !

No walk last night but maybe tonight mom says  oooo Sunday we walked adn WAlked for quite a bit  and met a  sheepdoodle pretty cute mom says as we walked away after of course we met !  OOOOOpppps  I hope I haven’;t lost my cuteness

MOM says NO  “Wilson you are my NUMBER 1 Doodle ” Whooosh that is good

But I really thinkl mom is getting that PUPPY urge AGAIN !

HAve a wonderful Toodley Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE

I miss my cousin

I miss my cousin


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