OH BOY today is Thursday  whoopiee Doodley doo THursday and guess what????

Noting thats all ! !  Well sure there is always something,

Did you know that the other night when mom and I were walking some pup started to bark and BARK at us, well,as we got closer MOM said  “Hey, Its just us  !” Mom do you think he remembers us?”   Sure he will Wilson no worries, but then as we passed some more  that pup started to Woof Wooooof at us  I turned and looked a couple of times, so MOM looked and what the pup was trying to tell us  and I was trying to tell MOM that a jogger was coming and we had to get out of the way !!!

MOM loves it when I look at her I am like her second look out  heee heeee LOVE IT

and Yesterday NOTHING  yea WE DID absoutly NOTHING  I guess we can have a day like that  no walk NOTHING !

Well, yes there is a reason  I don’t think it is a very good reason  MOM got her hair cut  gheeeezzz I say What is more important  Playing with me or getting a hair cut???

Doodles Doodles we are the most wonderful Oh Yes  OH Yes  Doodles Doodles  we just like to have fun Yea  We doodles just like to have FUN !

So have a wonderful Totaly Doodle DAY

Love ya Willy BABE

I have to watch everything today !

I have to watch everything today !


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