Good MONDAY Morning

WEll Hellloooooooooooooooooo

I know  I know it’s been awhile but first my computer was not working very well  and  all that other stuff then MOM was runnin late a few mornings I tell ya  !

So one night last week when Mom and started our walk  we saw Maisy and guess what she walked with us  ooooo doodles I was wagging my tail when I saw her it was so much fun walking with her it has been quite awhile  walking  and gheeeez she can go fast my little friend of mine.

Do you know what now that it is getting a little bit lighter outside MOM plays with me  YEa YEA  we play soccer and Yesterday or the other day My soccer skills really came in handy MOM tried to get the ball well I just Swatted it with my PAW  oh YE  so even if its cold I can still play

OOO then on Saturday Dad and MOM went to a movie without me YEA can you believe that??  but . . . .  Mom took me for a walk  ahhhhh so  what’s for dinner??? Hmmmmmm I got my usual but . . . . . .  Mom was not cooking anything   HMMMMMPH  so what I did was I just looked at mom  she said something to day adn WaaaaalA  LA we were off to the place to pick something up  Yea So Saturday  I played  Soccer   Went for a walk then a car ride  But . . . .  I have one complaint why would you have  a drive thru and not have Doggie TREATS?????

Yea  NO Treats   I sniffed and sniffed NOTHING  NOTHING Hummmmmmm  MOM ??? why OH WHY did we come here???/ OH well I got a car ride  YEA

Then yesterday we tried to play but with the snow melting it was a little bit hard  but . . .  OH MAN  I have a lot of buts    Heee heeee MOM took me a fora  4 mile walk  oh doodles it was fun but . . . .  I haven’t walked four miles in awhile not sure if we will go that far today  we will seee

OOOO yea  MOM doesn’t have School today so IT IS A  PLAY DAY  Whooopppieeee Doodle Doo

Love ya everyone have a fantasticdoodle day

Willy Babe

Mom what are we doing today??

Mom what are we doing today??


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