Soooo I tell you I am doing the best I can about being outside and Woofing Wooof Wooof

to my buddies but no one is woofing  back !!  Whimnnnnnn whinnnn where oh where are my buddies oh Where oh Where can they be??? I know it’s cold because My MOm told me so   Oh where Oh Where can they be????

Heeee Heee I tried and tried to woof every night to my buddies  I  look and Look but No where can they be seen???? Nope I think they are a little afraid to be outside  I sure KNOW  My MOM doesn’t want to be outside  IN fact she just opens up the deck door just a wee bit so I can go outside to do my STUFF !

But have no fear I think it is suppose to snow  SNOW today so maybe  oh I am going to keep my furry paws crossed that IT DOES SNOW so I can PLAY  OH sure I know I will get those snowBALLS on my furry legs but  OH MY  OH MY  I have to PLAY ! ! ! ! !

Have a wonderful Day  And MAybe  tonight my buddies will Woof woooooof back to me come on let us have a woof lwoooof PARTY  ! ! ! ! !

Love Ya Willy Babe

Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?


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