Oh MY  Doodles It is cold out you say MOM??????

Nah  not at all I love just sitting out on our deck and looking out and seeing if I can see  cold air coming from my nose  !! REally REALLY   I do  but, my humans don’t let me stay out as long as I would like  silly HUMANS !

Yesterday MOM said we would play when she got home and YEP we did  just a little bit hmmmmm

I think I need to pull out some of those  Christmas  toys I got from Santa Doodle, so speaking of Santa doodle I bet after he delivers all of those toys  I am postiviely doodley postive he goes to HAWAII

So this is what I am thinking ! ! ! !  ! VACATION  nah   Hawaii is too far away but. . . .   I think if I give MY Humans some positive Doodley Thoughts maybe  JUST maybe we can drive to FL and have some fun in the waves

OOOOO wouldn’t it be nice to swim in the WAves   swim in the WAVES  Swim in the OOO wouldn’t it be nice to SWIM in the wAVES and catch a fish or two

OOOOOoo man I must of been dreaming  huh  MOM what   I have to go outside again  nope I am good  I was just dreaming about the warm SUN and beach and waves  ahhhhhhhhh

But, I tell ya this morning I didn’t want to go outside and all Come on someone  Invent  a indoor  you know what for us DOODLES  OH okay other pups too.

Well I think I will just have to sleep on this and go back to my dreaming of a wonderful SUNNY VACATION ! ! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

Yep I am still liking this cold but . . .

Yep I am still liking this cold but . . .


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